Working with Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac

By Jim Gordon, co-author of
Office 2011 for Mac All-in-One For Dummies

Charts in Excel
Histogram in Excel 2016 for Mac
Histogram in Excel 2011 for Mac
Average-Max-Min chart for Excel 2011
Average-Max-Min chart for Excel 2013

Articles about working with external data:
Tutorial: Using Microsoft Access as a data source for Microsoft Office 2011 or 2016 for Mac
Using Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac as a Relational Database and querying other database products

How to link Excel data with a graph in Word or PowerPoint

How to create Web query files for use with Excel for Mac

How to make and use web queries

Use Excel Macros (Visual Basic for Applications)
(Does not Apply to Excel 2008)

Free Instant_WebQuery add-in for Excel 2011 and other older versions
Click here for details about this free Excel add-in. Use web queries to import tables from the web into Excel.

Free toolbar for Excel 2011
Download a free toolbar for Microsoft Excel that gives you access to Excel features you might otherwise not know about.

Links to other Excel sites
J.E. McGimpsey's Excel Pages
(Mac oriented)

Jon Peltier's Excel Page
(PC oriented focusing on graphs and charts)
Ron de Bruin's Excel for Mac page
Tushar Mehta's Excel tips
(PC oriented)

Chip Pearson's Excel Page
(PC oriented)

statistics add-ins
        SIMTOOLS seems to work as advertised in Excel 2011. FORMLIST functions seem to work, but the FORMLIST Tools menu item does not display.

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