InsertPicturePPTX For PowerPoint 2001 and PowerPoint version X

(Version 2.6 build 050204) PowerPoint(tm) Add-in


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Brief Description

The add-in offers quick importing of pictures from files, folders, directories, mounted volumes, digital cameras, scanners, RAM cards, and other image sources.

All pictures are automatically scaled to full screen size.

Features in Version 2.6:

*   Insert a folder full of images into PowerPoint version X as well as PowerPoint 2001

*   All image formats that PowerPoint supports are supported in bulk import

*   NOTE: Be sure to use Apple's Finder GetInfo command to increase the preferred memory setting in PowerPoint 2001 sufficiently to include the sum of the sizes of the pictures (plus PowerPoint itself) before using this feature.

*  Optional one-at-a-time picture insertion with automatic scaling to full screen

*  All pictures are automatically scaled to full screen

*  Brightness control

*  Contrast control

*  Optional entry animation

*  Live animation preview

*  Well-organized tabbed animation preview control

*  Large selection of animations

*  Rotate pictures in 90 degree increments

*  Tilt pictures in 10 degree increments

*  Flip pictures horizontally or vertically

*  Link to file option

System Requirements

Macintosh computers

*  PowerPoint version X or PowerPoint 2001


Microsoft Windows

*  A similar product made by Shyam Pillai is available for those who use PowerPoint and Microsoft Windows.  Click here to visit Shyam Pillai's web site.

To Order

*  InsertPicturePPTX050204.ppa is $10 US for a single user license.

*  Kagi secure e-commerce site has closed. The add-in is temporarily unavailabe until I set up a new order site. Sorry for the inconvenience

What InsertPicture add-in does and how it works

*  The add-in creates a small three-button toolbar panel. A button that looks like a camera allows you import pictures from scanners and other hardware. A button that looks like a rainbow camera iris lets you import images from any file, folder, mounted volume, SMB directory, as well as USB and FireWire memory cards that mount directories to the desktop. The bulk import button lets PowerPoint users import an entire folder or directory full of pictures.

*  Click here to see the Instructions with screen shots.

*  When the add-in runs, you are presented with a Properties dialog box with several tabs. You can enter descriptive information concerning the pictures you plan to import. You can click OK to bypass this screen. 

*  The add-in then turns control of your computer over to either the device driver (for scanners) or to MacOS (to import pictures from files, directories, etc.). If you have multiple scanners or driver devices you can choose any one of them. If you have chosen to import from files, you can navigate to any file, folder, or directory anywhere on your Mac or on any mounted volume. Pictures are copied into PowerPoint. There is an option to create links to picture files. Linking saves space, but links will break if either the presentation or any of its pictures gets moved, renamed, copied, or otherwise changes relative position from where they were when you created the link.

*  An Insert Picture menu appears with buttons to control brightness and other features mentioned above. At your option, an entry animation can be selected for each image. A special preview window lets you try various animations.

*  You can insert as many pictures as you like until your computer runs out of memory. If you choose to link to file you can import thousands of pictures into a single presentation if you so choose.

*  You will need to know the full path name of the folder containing your pictures if you wish to use the bulk import feature.

Support Information

*  Disclaimer: InsertPicturePPTX050204.ppa is sold as-is.

*  A paid license allows you to use InsertPicturePPTX050204.ppa on only one computer unless you have purchased additional licenses for each additional computer.

*  Click here to send email to the manufacturer.

*  Satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are dissatisfied with the add-in please follow the instructions at Kagi for a refund.


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