Download and Installation Instructions for GrayScaleTool PowerPoint Add-In

These instructions are for Microsoft PowerPoint 2011 for Mac.
To install the add-in in other versions of Microsoft PowerPoint, open PowerPoint and search Help for Add-ins and follow the instructions for your version of PowerPoint.

  1. Download the Add-In.
    ◉  For PowerPoint 2011, 2010, and 2007, click here to download a zip file called containing the addin.
    ◉  For older versions of PowerPoint, click here to download a zip file called containing the add-in (you're on your own - uznip and then see PowerPoint Help for add-in installation instructions).
  2. Go to the download location of your web browser, and then double-click to get the add-in file itself, which is called GSToolbar2011.ppam.
        See your browser's Preferences if you don't know where your downloads go.
  3. UnZip by double-clicking the downloaded zip file. This produces the add-in itself called GSToolbar2011.ppam.
  4. The add-in will work in any file location, but you may move the GSToolbar2011.ppam file to the recommended location, which is the Add-Ins folder within the Microsoft Office 2011 directory. The recommended location is Applications:Microsoft Office 2011:Office:Add-Ins:GSToolbar2011.ppam

Screen shot of recommended file location


Before you can use the Toolbar, you must activate it. To activate the add-in:
  1. Open PowerPoint
  2. From the Tools menu choose Add-Ins
  3. Click ADD
  4. Navigate to the file location that you put the add-in
  5. Select GSToolbar2011.ppam
  6. Click OPEN
  7. Click ENABLE MACROS when prompted
  8. Click CLOSE
The GSToolbar2011 add-in should be checked, as shown in this screen shot:
Activated screen shot

 You should immediately see a new six-button toolbar appear. This toolbar is the add-in.

Screen shot of the add-in toolbar


To deactivate the add-in

  1. Open PowerPoint
  2. From the Tools menu choose Add-Ins
  3. Select the GSToolbar2011 Add-in
  4. Click REMOVE
  5. Click CLOSE

To completely remove the add-in from your computer, deactivate the add-in and then drag the add-in file into the trash, and then empty the trash. The add-in consists of a single file. It does not make any preference files or hidden files. The add-in's toolbars are deleted each time you quit PowerPoint.


GrayScaleTool does not use the internet. It creates no hidden files or preference files nor does it receive or transmit any information to or from your computer.

GrayScale Toolbar Information
May, 2011