Reduce PDF file size

System Requirements:    
Mac OS X 10.5 or later

What does this Automator Workflow do?
You choose one or more picture or PDF files in Finder and then Automator applies a custom Quartz Filter to the PDF(s). The output is to a new, smaller PDF file.
What is a Quartz Filter?
Quartz is the rendering engine of Mac OS X. Built into Mac OS X are special filters you can use to perform a variety of tasks. Shrinking PDF files is one of those tasks.

How do I make this Automator Action?
Making something like this used to take developers weeks or months. You'll do it in a matter of minutes! Just follow these steps (See screen shot below the step-by-steps):
  1. Open the Automator application (Double-click the in the Applications folder)
  2. When the program opens, a dialog displays "Choose a template for your workflow" with "workflow"selected by default. "Workflow" is what we want, so all you have to do is click the Choose button.
  3. In the list of Actions in the left column, in the Library category choose Files and Folders.
  4. Drag the action, "Ask for Finder Items" to the empty pane on the right. It might take a couple tries before this works. Drag slowly.
  5. In the "Ask for Finder Items" action, click the check box for Allow Multiple Selection
  6. Drag the action, "Copy Finder Items" to the empty pane on the right. Position this action beneath the Ask for Finder Items action. The default location is To: Desktop, but if you want to use a different the location, click the pop-up menu.
  7. In the list of Actions in the left column, in the Library category choose PDFs.
  8. Drag "Apply Quartz Filter to PDF Documents" to the pane on the right. Position the action underneath Copy Finder Actions.
  9. On the Automator File menu choose Save As, and then change the File Format pop-up to Application. Give your application a file name such as Reduce PDF Size, and then navigate to the Applications folder.
  10. Click the Save button to save your automator workflow as an application. Done!
How do I use this workflow application?
  1. Open the application you saved in step 10 above.
  2. In the Choose a Finder dialog, choose one or more PDF files to shrink. Tip: Hold the Command key down to select more than one file.
  3. Some filters offer additional control settings, which you can use to customize the filter.
  4. Click the Choose button. Your smaller PDF files will be put into the To location you specified in step 6 above.
Automator Screen Shot

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