Save one or more Outlook 2011 messages as files

System Requirements:    
What does this Automator Workflow do?
Saves selected email messages as files

How do I make this Automator Action?
Follow these steps (See Figure 1):
  1. Open the Automator application (Double-click in the Applications folder)
  2. When Automator opens, a dialog displays "Choose a template for your workflow" with "workflow" selected by default. "Workflow" is what we want, so all you have to do is click the Choose button.
  3. In the list of Actions in the left column, in the Library category choose Mail.
  4. Drag the action, "Get Selected Outlook Items" to the empty pane on the right. It might take a couple tries before this works. Drag slowly.
  5. Also from the Mail actions in the left column, drag the action "Save Outlook Items as Files" to the pane on the right as shown here.Screenshot
            of Automator application
  6. In the Save Outlook Items as Files action, you can choose:
You can test this action right in the Automator application. Switch to Outlook, and select one or more (hold the command key down and click on subjects to select them, or you can even use Command-a to select them all). The switch back to Automator application and click the Run button. The workflow runs and saves each selected message as a file.

You can save This Automator workflow so you can open and edit it again in Automator:
  1. In Automator, choose File > Save As.
  2. In the Save As field, give the action a name, such as SaveOutlookMessagesAsFiles.workflow
  3. Use the default file format, "workflow" and then click the Save button.
To save this Automator Action as an application that Microsoft Outlook can use:
  1. In Automator, choose File > Save As.
  2. Change the file format pop-up to Application
  3. In the Save As field, give the action a name, such as
  4. Navigate to Documents then click the Save button. Tip: Make a folder for your Automator Actions.
All done! You can quit Automator application now.

How do I use a workflow that was saved as application?
In Microsoft Outlook 2011:
  1. In a mailbox, elect the messages you want to save as files
  2. Double-click your saved Automator Action application in Finder
  3. Choose the options you want in the dialog box
  4. Click the Continue button.
    The selected mail messages have been saved to the folder you chose.
Outlook screenshot
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